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A Simple CGI Phone Book Application

10 December 2012, Antakya, Turkey

w00t! Hello all,

This is my first blogging experience, ever. So this post will also mean “Hello, blogging world!”.

This will be about a homework given by our Perl lecturer Asst. Prof. Dr. S. Yildirim. He asked us to create a CGI Phonebook script that reads Name, Address and Phone info from a file, And make an interactive script to search or navigate in the phonebook.

In the beginning, I thought I’d read all the info into three different hashes, then I’d navigate/search or do whatever I want in them. While I was implementing, something weird has occured. My hashes had anonymous hashes as keys, instead of the integer “ID” value I read from the text file earlier. In order to catch up with the deadline, I gave up with that hashes stuff, and I decided to just read the file again when I’m searching or listing or whatever I’m doing.

Feel free to take a look at the source.

That’s all for now. See you.

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